Self-Install WaH Network

The effortless plug-and-work solution built for the home-based worker.
No hourly fees. All inclusive service. Call us at (877) 395-9324

Business Strength Threat Protection
Business firewall strength built for the home office.
Two-stage threat protection and does not require extra software.
Stage 1 filters Internet traffic before it reaches your computers and devices.
Stage 2 is detailed filtering directly on your computers.

Business Strength Privacy
A big risk working from home is the lack of business strength firewalls and exposure to exploitable devices commonly found in home environments.

  • Did you know the presence of popular connected residential products such as voice command systems may leave you vulnerable by recording your private conversations?
  • Did you know connected “smart” devices such as WiFi smoke detectors, stoves, lights, thermostats, etc. can be be exploited to compromise your personal information and expose your computers to malware including dangerous spyware and ransomware?

Zebis WaH Network keeps your business resources and livelihood protected and segregated with the strongest firewalls effortlessly bringing business level protection to your home. During working hours, Zebis WaH can even automatically disconnect other systems in your home that may be particularly dangerous such as those devices that can covertly record your private conversations.

Business Strength WiFi Security
Residential WiFi leaves your personal information open to eavesdropping and your personal equipment open to compromise. Zebis WaH Network brings business-strength security to your home, protecting all of your private information and computers.

Business Strength Dependability Built for a Remote-First World
The Zebis WaH Network platform is designed specifically to answer the needs that have fallen on all of us. Our WaH Network is 100% remote-first, which means there is no need for on-site service or spending your time on the phone being guided through tasks. If equipment ever does need to be replaced, your WaH team will rapidly send your replacement equipment pre-configured and ready to plug-and-work. Full support, proactive pre-fail detection and disaster recovery are built right in.

Business Manageable Budget
No open ended hourly fees. Flat rate all inclusive service ensures your home based systems provide you the foundation you need to work productively and securely. WaH always includes all support, ongoing help with dedicated telephone support to make sure you stay connected, and proactive measures to avoid problems before they impact your work. Starting at $699 fully installed and only $39 / month, you are assured a reliable, strong foundation keeping you protected and supporting your work.

Business Strength Protection Extended to Each Connected Computer & Device

Zebis WaH Network optionally bundles IT Essentials’ Complete Managed Protection to ensure end-to-end coverage and dependability. CMP can add years to the life of your computers and devices, as well as save you expensive retroactive repairs, guard your identity, and protect your privacy. CMP includes proactive issue avoidance, third party application maintenance, complete system security patching, full replacement of intrusive and often damaging auto-update systems, and brings you the power of a dedicate team of professionals watching out for your computers and devices. Give yourself and your family the comfort of stability, ease of use, protection, and privacy.