Fractional IT Department

Created specifically to serve the demanding needs of atypically well-directed small businesses. A substantial step above the traditional “Managed Services” model, a Zebis Fractional I.T. Department provides your company with a fully internal I.T. resource.

Concierge Technology

Zebis offers you the pinnacle of refined residential service: Concierge I.T. We are your complete technology personal assistant. Your well-managed I.T. department focused on keeping your technology invisible and effortlessly consistent across all of your properties.

Truthful Music & Cinema

For those who appreciate artistically truthful music or cinema, Zebis crafts the finest reproduction systems. With every detail receiving meticulous attention from 3-hour hand-finished cabling to perfect room pairings, a Zebis Hi-Fi or cinema system is, in its own right, a work of art.

Remote-First IT

Zebis has solved the problems of remote service: No lengthy phone conversations or your time used for excessive walk-throughs. Our in-house developed privacy focused, HIPPA compliant, strong remote systems enable us to work without taking your time.

Need Stable Internet? We are here to help! Zebis Fixed Wireless Internet Service

  • Independent of landline infrastructure
  • Broadband
  • Prioritization, even during peak times
  • Supports phone service, VPN, streaming and more!
  • Rapidly Delivered, Effortlessly Installed

Managed IT Service

Simple, pure, managed I.T. service for everyone. To solve the problem of expensive managed I.T. service, we removed the most costly component: old technology & methods. Our custom managed I.T. platform is built from the ground up, using only the latest technology providing a market disruptive approach to I.T. LEARN MORE

Systems Development

Are you a VAR, systems integrator, consultant or other specialist? Would you like to offer something unique ahead of your competition without having to invest excessive resources? Zebis is a systems development firm giving your organization a true R&D department.

Managed Information Backup

Zebis Managed Backup service is for those who have important information that cannot be lost. Combining the strongest backup technology with real human oversight ensures your backups are properly running. Who is watching your backup right now?