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Why Am I Getting Viruses?

Computer users are experiencing the effects of viruses at an alarmingly increasing rate. Though viruses are still spreading by the methods they always have, this increase of virus "infections" is due to the growing popularity of using computers on public networks such as those in coffee houses, airports, hotels, book stores, etc. without adequate protection. Note that antivirus software and software firewalls are not considered adequate protection from viruses that spread over public networks.

The networks available to the public can be referred to as "public networks". The use of some of these requires a payment whereas others are offered gratis. Either way, the susceptibility to threats is the same. When a computer is connected to a public network it is susceptible to any virus that is currently running an any other computer also connected to that same network. It is as if one took their computer and connected it to every network to which every other neighboring computer has ever connected. Most viruses will get past software firewalls and won't be detected by antivirus software until it's too late. Deciding to stop placing your computers on public networks is an option that is completely effective in preventing this threat, but there is another option that would allow you to continue connecting to public networks and fully shield your computer from any threat that is on any computer connected to that network.

The installation of an IPSec Virtual Private Network, or VPN, involves the placement of a small box at a static location of your choice. Your computer is then configured to establish an Internet connection to this box. When you connect to a public network, simply click an icon from your desktop and your computer establishes a encrypted "tunneled" connection back to your IPSec VPN router. Once the connection is made it is impossible for your computer to receive any network data from anything that has not passed through the VPN system. In addition, the VPN router does not let anything in that you have not specifically requested. Even if the computer directly next to you has a network virus there is no way for it to get to your computer. There is no complexity to using a VPN. Once the connection is made, simply continue using your computer the way you usually do and just know that you are completely protected.

Viruses are continuing to spread and the reason is that information regarding prevention is not being broadcast and/or received by computer users. All viruses are avoidable and implementing protection is for both your benefit and the benefit of those with whom you interact. If you choose not to get a IPSec VPN system, then please, for the safety of your computer and other computers, stop connecting to public networks.
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