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Easy-to-Use Residential Telephones

Do you want to stop those irritating and invasive telephone solicitations? Does a family member need a personal telephone line? Do you want to add a phone line for your in-house office that doesn't ring throughout the entire house? Do you want to avoid phone calls during dinner? Do you want the phone to be silent at night except for emergency calls? Is your house already wired and you've been told that it would be too complex and costly to change or add to the wiring? Until recently, any of these would have required equipment that was complex to operate and generally impractical for home and small business users.

New innovations and streamlining of PBX phone systems have led to the creation of the first flexible phone systems specifically designed for home users. A phone system provides automatic dynamic call handling. This provides many advantages. If you have just set up a home office, you can have a phone number that rings only in the office, without doing any rewiring at all. Adding a new phone line is as easy as running the line to the base part of the system. The line is then automatically sent over existing wiring to all of the handsets. You could go a step further and have the office phone ring during the day and go straight to voice mail at night. Telephone based solicitations easily can be filtered so you never receive an unwanted call. Late night callers can be forwarded directly to voice mail, unless they indicate they are calling for an emergency. If someone rings your door bell, you could be alerted on your cordless phones. The options seem almost limitless.

Though these options have been available for some time, they have not been convenient for home use because they required bulky telephone desk sets and were complex to operate. In the past, for example, if one had such a phone system and was on a call, they would have to initiate a conference call simply to include another party in the same house. The industry has now seen the advantage of phone system flexibility without the complex operation.

Residential phone systems feature small handsets (generally the size of modern day cell phones), sleek desk sets, fantastic cordless range, the ability to link with door bells and most other entry systems, and can be configured in almost any way you can imagine. Leave the complexity behind and gain the telephone flexibility you desire.
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