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Shout Out Your Social Security #!

No? You wouldn't do that? Are you sure you're not? Do you use a wireless network?

No one would publish their social security number or investment account information in the newspaper. But, if your computer is on an unprotected, insecure wireless network, your personal and financial data is available for all to see, steal and use.

Don't make the mistake of believing that a password protects your network. It doesn't. It only takes a few minutes for a person or an automatic software program to get around that wireless password and gain full access to your personal passwords, emails, financial data and anything else you do on the Internet. It is even possible for a wireless aware virus to break into an insecure network and install itself onto your computer, causing terrible consequences.

Take only one step and you can still enjoy the freedom of wireless without sacrificing privacy. That step: use a wireless access point that has EAP w/CCMP encryption. That's all there is to it!

Here are some details. EAP w/CCMP encryption (except EAP-LEAP) security is special. It uses an authentication system and constantly rotating keys that, for all practical purposes, make it impossible for unauthorized users to gain access to a network. Until recently, these secure access points were only available to big business since they cost a lot, needed full time technical people to install, configure and maintain. Now, however, companies are making EAP wireless access points specifically for the residential and small business user -- you. They cost much less than their big business counterparts, they do not need constant maintenance and yet, they have the required security features.

Identity theft is everyone's nightmare. And much of it happens because of insecure wireless networks. If you use a wireless network, make sure your wireless access point uses EAP encryption. If you don't use EAP security, change to a wired network.

Don't set yourself up to be a victim. Keep your personal information safe. Just one piece of equipment makes your network invisible. That's the way a network should be -- invisible.
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