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Beautiful Music

Modern technology has given use some great things. One of the most fun gadgets is the portable audio player. Save an entire CD collection to a small, easy to use player and enjoy high quality, fabulous music wherever you go. Today's great players feature FM radios with recording scheduling, microphones for dictation or casual recording, color touch screens and many other innovative and fun features.

You need to know: all portable audio players are not created equally. There are so many players on the market with great marketing tag lines, that it's hard to know which is best. The differences between players involve ease of use, sound quality and expandability.

For ease of use, audio players fall into two groups: those that require you install special software onto your computer and those that don't. The special software is complicated to use, time consuming, makes your computer run slower and can even conflict with your other computer programs. It is definitely easier and more fun to use a player that can function all on its own, as its own sophisticated little computer, and doesn't need outside software to function.

Sound quality is highly important. After all, you're listening to music. You want it to have wonderful sound. The first portable audio players, released in the late 90's, played MP3 format audio. MP3 is low quality. It removes parts of the original audio in order to reduce the file size. Small file size was necessary then, but it isn't now. New players have ultra compact, high powered processors, so they can play bigger files that use the FLAC format. Now this is important. FLAC players play audio at 100% original quality. Imagine: no sound parts removed. Just all the music, every note, every tone, the way you want to hear it.

Next is expandability. Older players were not expandable. Buy a player. Fill it up. Can't add anymore songs. Newer players are infinitely expandable. Keep adding storage as you need it. As your CD collection grows, just add it to your portable audio player. Simple. Easy. Beautiful music.
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