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Sharing Your Photos with Family, Friends...the World!

You have just taken a great photo or maybe a group of photos of a wedding or other fun event and you want people to see them. It used to be that you took the film or, more recently, the digital camera card to a print/processing service. They made as many prints of your photos as you wanted to send and you then sent copies to everyone you wanted to see the images.

Today there are great ways to make your photographs available for viewing to your family and friends and, if you want, to the general public as well. You can utilize one of the many photo-sharing web sites, a digital frame and/or you can e-mail the photos. Each of these methods is easy and just takes a few steps to make it all happen.

How do photo-sharing web sites work? Once you move your photos from your camera card to your computer and resize or edit as needed you are set to begin. Basically you "upload" your images to the site of your choice, they are stored in your own personal directory, you can arrange them into groups or "albums" like you want to, you can add notes to each image, you can make them accessible to whom you want, and sometimes you can even edit the images online. Once the images are online, they are available for people to see. So much easier than printing and sending photos to all your contacts!

Once the photos are online, people who see them may want a copy of the image. Most photo-sharing sites offer the option for anyone to purchase a print or lots of other fun physical things: holiday cards, business like cards, books, calendars, calling cards, prints, slide show DVDs, postage stamps, just to give a few examples. Since you have created your own account, you can upload photos anytime you want. You can even send photos directly from your PDA or camera in your cell phone directly to your account. The account is always available for additions so your contacts can see your new pictures any time they want.

A digital photo frame is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need to print them or use a computer. Usually the frame shows the pictures in a slide show fashion, pictures automatically moving from one image to the next continuously running through all the stored images. Typically the images are displayed from a camera card on which the pictures are stored. You put the card into the frame and the frame displays the images. In this way, you have a framed image without the need for printing and framing. You don't even need to have a computer. All you do is use a digital camera, take pictures, and place the digital card into the frame. It's a great way to show pictures to visitors and have current images on display. A more recent feature provides the ability to update the images remotely. This would allow you to send images to a frame you had given to another person, keeping them current on your picture-taking.

E-mail is also a way to send photos. For this you need a photo editing program so that your pictures are sized correctly. You move the photo from the camera card to your computer, size it to send via e-mail and e-mail it as you want.

It is so easy today to get your photos to your family and friends. Use one of these methods and have fun showing your photos.
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