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Fun with Your PDA

A while back we wrote an article about PDAs. It described some technical things to look for, details about how a PDA functions and how the functionality can benefit you. But there is so much more to a PDA than technical details. It's so much fun to use one!

A PDA is a little computer that can do lots of work related things, such as: make it easy to respond to e-mails quickly while you are on the go, keep your calendar right in front of you all the time, retain your contact information ready for immediate use, etc. But it's not all work.

One of the really fun things about a PDA is using the complete navigation system that functions so easily. For example, you are traveling in a new place, you have rented a house and you want to know if there is a local Whole Foods store to which you can drive. Easy. The navigation system automatically knows where you are located. Just type "Whole Foods" in the search field and it will find the closest one, tell you how far away it is, what direction you will have to drive, and then, with the touch of a button, it will give you complete driving directions, reading them out to you as you proceed on your way. What if you are just at home, it's dinner time and want to order out some Chinese food or find the closest place to get some. Just search for Chinese restaurants and your navigation system will produce a list of possible choices based on your current location, along with addresses and phone numbers for you to use. It may find places about which you didn't even know. If your PDA is a Nokia, HTC, or many others that have the Garmin Mobile XT navigation system, it will work even if you are beyond cellular coverage.

PDAs take pictures. We all know that the quality of a PDA or phone image isn't great. But for a quick shot of something fun and interesting, it's the perfect tool. Once you snap the photo, you can e-mail it right then to someone, you can upload it to your photo sharing web site or you can save it to remind you of the moment and the place. You're going to want a good camera for those special images, but a PDA can be great fun to fill in the gaps and get some really fun shots.

Did you know you can listen to radio shows on your PDA? PDAs allow you to listen to radio shows that may not be broadcasting in your area. PDA's can also download and save shows automatically so that you can listen to them at your leisure. With a good quality PDA, the sound is great and easy to understand. Say you want to listen to "All Things Considered", but you aren't at the radio when it airs. No problem. Just enter the show information into the PDA and the PDA will automatically wake itself up, download it when it's available, and then put itself back into standby after that episode downloads. When you are ready, just choose an episode and listen. Many radio stations, especially NPR, make their shows available for download.

You are driving in your car and you know that you have several e-mails that you'd like to read. Well, you're driving, so you can't get the e-mail content without causing an unsafe situation....or can you? With the right PDA, you can. There are PDAs out there today, that will read your e-mails to you in an easy-to-understand voice. Push a button, and you can hear your e-mails without looking at the PDA. No physical distractions and you get the e-mail information you wanted.

There are even more fun and easy things: games, full web surfing, instant messaging, alarm clock, calculator...the list goes on. Not all PDAs are created equally, so if you want one capable of lots of fun, easy to use and dependable, be sure to check it out and ask around to get all the information you need.
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