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Mobile Computing - No Limits

In the last article, the concept of durable computers was introduced. As we learned, durable computers are being offered to provide easier traveling and reliable access to technology in a variety of environments. In addition to hard drive durability, discussed previously, field computers can endure extreme temperatures, moisture and debris. They also feature great outdoor readable displays.

Even if you don't realize it, you may be subjecting your computer to extreme temperatures. Leaving a computer in a car with the sun beating down during the day or during the cold nights of the north can be hugely damaging. The heat effects various components and the low temperatures can change the viscosity of drive lubrication to dangerous levels. If you are going to subject your computer to extreme temperatures, look for a computer with dynamic high and low temperature protection. High temperature protection will vary the battery charging and amount of power being used by various components based on ambient temperature. Low temperature protection will include heaters around the the hard drive and the computer will have the capability to heat itself before lubricated components are turned on.

Moisture and debris are everywhere outside. If you find yourself using your computer outside look for one that is sealed. These computers use special components that don't need ventilation and are specifically designed to operate inside sealed cases. You can typically drop these units into mud, use them in wind, snow, rain, on the beach, etc. with little to no concern about damage. These computers are heavier and sacrifice performance for this extra durability, so are suited for those instances where the resistance from moisture and debris is top priority.

One of the newest features of field computers is outdoor readable displays. These displays can be read easily even in bright sunlight. There are two types of outdoor displays. One type of display is transflective. This means that it can reflect ambient light and become brighter when the ambient light is brighter. Transflective displays sacrifice color quality and contrast for these reflective features, but are ideal for tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, data collection, and anything else that does not require high color quality. The second type of outdoor display uses extra bright illumination, some reflective elements, and an antireflective surface. This type of display is the newest and provides outdoor readability with full color range and the best contrast of any portable display available. Computers with this type of display are becoming increasingly popular among outdoor photographers who travel with their computers.

In the past, it was common for a field computer user to carry two or more computers, since computers would fail under normal outdoor conditions. These times are now gone. With modern field offerings, you can feel comfortable carrying a single computer, freeing room that can be used for extra camera equipment, tools, scientific equipment, etc. One computer will fill your needs for durability, dependability, functionality in all environmental conditions and temperatures and also have great contrast and color. The perfect mobile solution.
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