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navigation Business Residential Managed Service Audio / Visual Zebis white papers address technology topics which affect residential and business users today. These published papers simplify and explain information disseminated by manufacturers and service providers, so that end-users have the information necessary to make informed and relevant decisions. Today's topics: explained so you can understand. See below for links to many of our white papers: right below the Special Features section.
Special Features

There is a lot of talk right now about the new Windows operating system. In fact, it seems there is always a lot of talk about the operating system used on a computer. As a computer user, you shouldn't have to think about what makes your computer function. You should be able to decide how you want to use your computer and have it do that...easily, without a lot of fuss and discussion about how it's going to do it.

There is a great operating system available to everyone that will allow you to do what you want, will make computer using a cinch, and will move the operating system discussion to the background where it belongs. This operating system is called Ubuntu. It's a form of Linux, and when it's installed and configured properly, it makes your computer the easiest and most fun to use device out there. Zebis has installed the modern version on client computers and consistently receives very positive feedback. Ubuntu lets you focus on what you want from your computer:
  • immediate startup: no waiting while the computer gets all the background programs going
  • simple to read desktop: nothing hidden, all options readily available, easy to understand and use
  • no chance of viruses: you won't need antivirus software
  • easily work and play with your photos; send photos anywhere
  • be creative with the intuitive, diverse and easy-to-use included graphics program
  • play music from audio player, CD, computer and/or listen to Last.fm
  • create office documents, spreadsheets, presentations (no additional software purchase needed)
  • games: there are lots of fun ones included and a big library to browse and choose new games to download easily and safely
  • have fun with your computer: eliminate the frustration
Zebis knows how it all works and we are committed to making it work as you want (our guarantee).

Once Ubuntu is working for you (quietly, efficiently, in the background), you won't even have to remember what it's called, because you won't be thinking about the operating system anymore: you'll be wondering why computer using wasn't this easy all along. And then you'll forget about that too, and just finally enjoy using your computer.

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Public Internet

Do you connect to public networks (hotels, airports, etc.)? If you do, your computer is entirely open to viruses and your data is visible to other users. That is definitely not a good thing. You could even have your identity stolen right then.

Now you can have the protection of a hardware firewall when you connect to any public network, without having your own equipment. It's easy, safe and very low costing. Best of all, you can use the Internet as you always have and be protected at the same time.

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Mobile Computing

Do You Travel with Your Computer?
Mobile Computing - No Limits
Internet Connections via Cellular
If You Use More Than One Computer, or Want To...
Consistent and Complete Data Access with Multiple Computers
Going "North" / "South" / Somewhere Else? Traveling?


Protect Your Privacy
Shout Out Your SS#
Viruses: KEEP OUT!
Why Am I Getting Viruses?
E-mail Privacy
Malware: Why am I getting it?
Protect Your Computer from Unauthorized Access
Secure Your Personal Files
Encryption Protects Your Data


At Last: Maintenance Free Computing - Easy, Consistent, Stable
What Determines Computer Speed?
Computer Speed: Part II (Platforms)
Computer Speed: Part III The Final Step
2009: New and Improved
2009: New but not always Improved
2009: Usability and Music
How to Choose a Computer
Regular Maintenance Benefits
Computer Virtualization


Portable Audio Players
E-Book Readers
Be File Cabinet Free
More than a Remote
PDAs: Convenient, Functional & Fun
Easy-to-Use Residential Telephones
How to Choose a Printer
Earphones to Improve Audio Listening Quality
Network Cameras for Security & Enjoyment
Satellite Telephone Communication
On Demand Service
Social Networking
Sharing Your Photos with Family, Friends...the World!
Fun with Your PDA
High Capacity & Superior Quality Audio Players
Telephone over the Internet
Ergonomics: Comfortable & Healthy Computing


What Does Your Technology Cost?
How to Reduce Your Technology Costs in Any Economy


Data backup
Maximum Availability: Minimum Downtime
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