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ZEBIS News Bulletin
September 20, 2010
Zebis Covers the IT World
In this Bulletin:

:: Green Tip: Great Green Monitors
:: Remote Support
:: Zebis Is Moving!

Z Tools & Tips:
Keyloggers: Find out about Keyloggers: You need this information.

On Demand Service: A great way to watch movies, TV shows: instant and easy.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance: Lengthen the Life Span of Your Technology and Keep Your Computing Environment Safe
Great "Green" Monitors!

Monitors can provide superior visual output while incorporating ergonomic and environmental features which produce an economical cost saving result.

You want a monitor that produces clear, bright, crisp, broad-spectrum color. You want it easy to look at, preventing eye fatigue. A monitor that provides these features for your home and business, for financial trading or graphics applications is now available with unique energy saving features. The innovative company, Eizo, has developed some very exciting monitors.

A sensor on the front of the monitor measures ambient light and optimizes the screen's brightness to ensure the screen is never too bright or too dark. Whereas most brightness sensors use just one reference point to determine the ideal screen brightness, Auto EcoView uses two --one for light and one for dark ambient environments. This allows the monitor to more accurately achieve the ideal brightness in both brightly and dimly lit rooms.

This next power saving feature is very cool: An integrated presence sensor called EcoView Sense is included with several models. EcoView Sense prompts the monitor to switch to power save mode when it does not detect anyone after 70 seconds, and then resume normal operation when it detects the user has returned. On an average workday employees spend about 29% of the work day away from their desks, indicating that EcoView Sense can reduce power expenditures for a monitor by almost 29%. For home use, the savings could be expected to be even greater. When you stand up and walk away, the monitor actually turns off!

Not only do these monitors actually reduce environmental impact and operating costs, they display the power and CO2 reduction right on the screen. So it's fun to see your own reduced impact.

Eizo monitors: a great way to help the environment, save money and have a spectacular display.


ZRA (Zebis Remote Access)

Remote Support: A great way to receive fast and complete updates and issue resolution.

Remote Support is a natural part of great IT service. It means that no matter where you are, at work, at home or traveling, you can get the help you need from the company you trust. Connections are secure, so your privacy is assured.

ZRA has you protected, updated, and serviced.


Zebis is moving to a great new location!

In keeping with our ongoing effort to offer constantly improving technology support to our clients, both local and around the world, on September 23, Zebis is moving to a more secure, larger, and technologically capable office to enable you to receive faster and broader support.

New Local Telephone Number: 239-437-9324
Same Toll Free Number: 877-395-9324

New Mailing and Physical Address:
12860 Banyan Creek Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33908

If you are in the area, please stop in and see us. We'd love to show you around.

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