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ZEBIS News Bulletin
July 28, 2010
Zebis Covers the IT World
In this Bulletin:

:: Green Tip: Printer Cartridges
:: Using More Than One Computer

Z Tools & Tips:
Virtualization: Can it help you &/or your business? Definitely!

On Demand Service: A great way to watch movies, TV shows: instant and easy.

Satellite Telephones: If you travel to distant or remote lands or just want a reliable communication method:
Printing generates waste. What can you do with all those toner cartridges when they are empty?

Some printer companies will help you out.

There are several printer manufacturers which have recycle programs for used toner cartridges. Some of the select components that are returned will be remanufactured. Some are reused, while other unusable ones are processed through WTE (Waste to Energy).

Whether you use color or black toner, you can go Green! You can do your part to help keep the environment clean.

Samsung and Brother are two companies in the forefront of toner cartridge recycling. Here are two links that provide labels for FREE shipping and short, easy instructions so you can return used cartridges to these companies.




Calendar, Address Book, To Do Lists: What do you do if you use more than one computer and want the information on each computer in real time?

Calendar and address book use just got a whole lot easier.

Many of us use more than one computer (one at home, one at the office; one at one house, one at another house; one desktop computer, one PDA/smart phone; one desktop computer, one laptop computer for traveling, etc.). Now there is a way to make your calendar and your address book always be current and up-to-date on each computer in real time with minimal effort.

There is a service, called Exchange, that centralizes and integrates your calendar and address book between your computers. When you make a change to your calendar on one computer, it automatically, in real time, is totally viewable on your other computer/PDA (-same with any change you make to your address book). You never need to manually make the change on more than one machine and you never have to "synchronize" or copy your files from one computer to another.

Exchange service has been available for some time to the corporate environment, but it has been costly and complicated if you are not part of a large company. Now it is available through Zebis to the "smaller" user: small business and residential users. By being part of the Zebis group, you can have the full range of this service. Zebis offers this service to our clients as part of our on-going effort to promote effortless computing.

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