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May 21, 2010
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What is a Firewall?

Why Do You Need One?

You've probably heard the word "firewall" in connection with your computers. Maybe someone told you you need to have one. Here is some information that may help.

Firewalls provide protection against outside attackers by shielding your computer from malicious or unnecessary Internet traffic. Firewalls are especially important today since most users rely on "always on" Internet connections such as cable or DSL service. Even if someone isn't trying to gain access to your computer specifically, your computer and the information on it is accessible by way of an automated attack if you do not have firewall protection.

For optimal protection, a hardware firewall, that is, a small external device, is placed between your computer and your Internet connection. This device is a strong defense against the worm viruses that are so prevalent today and will help keep your computers and the sensitive information on them safe.

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More Than One Address

In a previous newsletter edition we discussed "spam" e-mails. One way to reduce/eliminate spam is to have a secondary e-mail address. You will use your primary address for family, friends, associates and institutions that absolutely commit to keeping your e-mail address private. You will use your secondary e-mail address when you order something on-line, want to leave an e-mail address on a comment card, need to give an e-mail address to a place that you know may sell your address, etc. This secondary address will be the one you do not check very often, perhaps only when you've ordered something and you want to review/save the confirmation.

It's very easy to have 2 e-mail addresses. Ask your e-mail provider to set up a second one for you. You can also have it set up under your e-mail program on your computer for easy access. It may accumulate spam, but since you won't use the address except for specific orders or information, you don't have to check it regularly and you don't have to place messages in the trash.

Using this approach will keep your primary e-mail, the one you use all the time, completely spam-free. It will be fun to use e-mail again because you won't have to sort through all that spam. Enjoy e-mail as it was originally meant to be: a great, hassle-free, and easy form of communication.
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