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Consistent & Complete Data Access Wherever You Are

In the last article it was discussed how one's address book, contact list, e-mail folders, todo lists, and other related information can be instantly accessible to multiple computers without having to copy files or synchronize information between computers. If an address, for example, is added to one computer it is instantly available to all other computers and handheld devices such as cell phones and PDAs. Since many computer users use multiple computers, the industry has now provided easy ways to make more of your information instantly available to all of your computers regardless of their location.

Internet bookmarks are a very convenient way to keep track of web sites to which you would like to return. When viewing a web page simply choose "Bookmark Page" from your "Bookmarks" menu and the address to that page will be added to your list of bookmarks for future reference. However, what happens when you go to another computer? Now all those handy bookmarks are not available to you. Now they can be. Opera is probably the most innovative web browser company today and their latest versions make all your bookmarks instantly available to all of your computers. This is done by way of Opera's new Opera Link feature which keeps a copy of all of your Internet bookmarks on the Opera Link server. This may sound complex, but it isn't. Simply download the latest version of Opera from opera.com and choose "Synchronize" from the file menu. If this is your first time using Opera Link you will be guided through a brief setup: that's it. Simply install Opera on your computers and then any bookmark you create on one computer is instantly shown on your other computers. If you are traveling and don't have access to your computers, but are using a friend's computer or a public computer, simply go to link.opera.com from any web browser installed on that other computer and your bookmarks will instantly be available to you without having to download anything to the computer with which you are working.

Those who use multiple computers will explain that one of the biggest considerations is how to keep all your files available. It is easy to work on one computer and then move to another and forget that an important file is left on the first computer. Now there are easy small business and residential solutions that solve that obstacle. Small devices called Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices can save all your files and back them up in real time. These NAS devices can then be securely accessed from any of your computers regardless of where you and your computer are in the world. Simply save a file as usual and it is instantly available to all of your computers without tedious file copying, accidental duplications, or even accidental deletions.

With the new focus on data availability we are no longer tied to a single computer. The computer is now simply a portal to our information. Go to any computer and instantly see the same information. Instead of moving a computer between houses, simply keep a computer at each location and know that you will always have the same addresses, files, bookmarks, e-mails, and everything else. When you are traveling, you won't have to be burdened with taking your computer out at the the airport or other associated inconveniences. When moving from your larger, more powerful computers to smaller travel friendly computers, you won't have to take time copying files or worrying if you have everything. Now you can do the same things from all of your computers instantly. Consistent and complete data access: making your mobile life easier.
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