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Regular Maintenance Lengthens the Life Span of Your Technology

Maintaining the products upon which you rely is a normal part of your life. We all know that it is important to change the oil in our cars on a regular schedule and have the engine, hoses, etc. reviewed and tested, so that the car turns on when needed and performs at the level required. Most people do this maintenance without a second thought, because everyone knows it's the right thing to do and you've been doing it for years. You do the same with your heating and air-conditioning. You know how irritating it is when it's 90 degrees outside and humid and your A/C doesn't work. So you get on a maintenance schedule with your provider and they check over the units on a regular, pre-scheduled basis. The same maintenance is needed for your computers and other technology items if you want to avoid problems and increase their life span, thus having them available when you and your business want and need to use them.

Regular maintenance does help prevent technology issues. There is no question about it. If you wait until you notice that your computer is slowing down or you hear a noise of some sort, it may be too late to save your data or protect your files from becoming corrupt. Are you backing up your files? If you are actually doing this, and many people don't, do you know for certain that the backup is working correctly and completely? Are you using a backup method that will retain your files for as long as you need them? Do you know what needs to be done to maintain your computer and other systems? Do you have the time and expertise to do it? The solution to your maintenance needs is to establish a regular, pre-scheduled maintenance check up by professionals who know what to look for and what should be done. Depending on the importance of your technology, you can determine the frequency of the maintenance check up: determine how long you or your business can be without your technology and not be adversely affected. Based on this time period, you can choose to have regular maintenance monthly or quarterly.

Here are some maintenance areas to check and question:
- security and stability: how often do you review the security situation of your technology use; is your technology stable enough to sustain your usage
- Internet connection: do you have the connection that meets your needs for dependability, stability and speed
- hardware: inspect physically for areas of damage inside and outside the computer
- anitvirus software: requires regular monitoring to assure it is providing protection
- data backup: are you doing it, is it working
- data backup recovery: if you need it, is it there and can you retrieve it
- software updates: is the software on your computer updated when needed and are new updates that are harmful avoided
- computer imaging: do you have a complete image of your computer to use in the event your computer becomes non-functional
- new software: do you know how it will interact with existing software on your computer and should it be installed
- computer functionality: are you checking for errors, small issues that will grow into major problems and paying attention to how your computer is performing

Regular scheduled maintenance address all these issues and many more, keeping your technology world highly functional and ready for you.
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